<current workshops>

In-person workshop:

ERROR (WAHT ERWRO?) A poetry workshop
7 sessions / 6-8PM
Tuesdays, March 12 - April 23 2023
Kreuzberg, Berlin (exact location given with enrollment)
Class Fee: 200-250 Euro
Max. # of participants: 8

Email zoe dot darsee at gmail dot com to register

This workshop will be an exorcism of self-doubt. This generative, prompt-driven, “experimental,” 6-session “poetry workshop” will breed the semi-perfect conditions for embracing the errors, problems, mistakes, glitches, forgetting, glitches, mistakes, redundancies and “failures” of writing poetry. In ecstatic release from conventional praises of technique and the (illegitimate) laws of craft/truth/vulnerability/authenticity/control, we’ll take error as our starting point and our process, in order to see if failure can drop us into the splash zone of bliss, i.e., the spectacle of disturbance, i.e., poetry (?). We will practice (mis)translation, forgetting, blurbs and nonsense, among other writing acts. And yes, we’ll write poems and workshop some of them. We will (re-)shape our own technical values of poetics through play and ritual. We will push up and out of our comfort valleys. In short, we will do badly/goodly, together. The reading list for this course may include works by Vi Khi Nao, Jack Spicer, Valerie Hsiung, Leslie Scalapino, Anne Tardos, Friederike Mayröcker, Zan de Parry and Hannah Wiener. We may or may not read some Ryan Trecartin, reality TV scripts and manifestos.

Online workshop:

VERSIONS OF: A poetry workshop
ONLINE / 4 sessions / April 2023
Max # of participants: 6
Fee: 140-180 Euro

Email zoe dot darsee at gmail dot com to register

In this cumulative poetry workshop, participants will write and rewrite the same poem every day for a month. Repetition will be gravitational as process, tactic and physics of textual production. We’ll read and discuss a few authors whose obsessions are distinct, and/or whose books revolve around a singular subject-axis, and/or who have published their edits and revisions of the same poem, and/or versions of one poem rewritten or taken as the subject of a new poem and/or subjected to mockery by different poets. Poets should come to workshop with a poem of their own that they are interested in rewriting, translating, debasing, fan-servicing, ablating, satirizing, corrupting, freeing, burying, sacrificing, kissing, elevating, burning, analyzing, bathing, stabilizing, binging, erasing and/or dirtying.


<past workshops>

PATTERN CONSTRAIN PROCEED is an online month-long poetry workshop in which participants develop a variety of poetic forms based on real life patterns, algorithms and procedures. We will read from the procedural issue of CHAIN journal (1997) and from others who use formal constraint as a method of poetic production. Together we will consider how patterns, textures and forms of materiality or immateriality (in art, music, life, science, mathematics, etc) can be applied to linguistic structures and used to generate meaning(s) outside of semantic definition. We will workshop each other’s work and generate writing in and outside of the classroom. Participants should come to the first class with a form, pattern or algorithm they are interested in. Note that this course is oriented toward process over product. Participants do not need any prior experience of writing poetry to attend.

MEETING DATES & TIMES: Dec 13, 17, 20, 27 & Jan 3 / 5-7:30PM CET (Berlin time)*

FEE: 100-180€ (Pay what you can, scholarships available)

EMAIL: zoe.darsee@gmail.com / SUBJECT LINE: “Workshop”

*Depending on interest and availability, I may split the course into two simultaneous sessions. Please write in your email what price you can pay and whether you can attend the above dates. If that time doesn’t work for you, please give me an idea of your availability.